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Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Questions For...

Michael Joiner

Actor, The Grace Card Movie

DIVINE::What drew you to the role of "Mac" in The Grace Card Movie?

MJ::Every serious actor longs for that deep, intense, challenging role. One where the character has hidden demons that he’s battling. And a story with obstacle after obstacle makes it even more inviting. I found all of that and more in this role.

DIVINE::What can those who haven't seen the movie expect?
MJ::To be treated to surprise twists, edgy, gritty, real dialogue, and a powerful ending that is causing folks to simultaneously applaud, cry, and give a standing ovation…I have also seen many audiences so emotionally worn out by the time the film reaches it’s surprising climax, that they sit there through the entire ending credits, almost not believing what they just experienced.

DIVINE::What course of action do you desire for people after they see the movie?
MJ::Tell other. Tell others. Tell others. SONY will keep this movie in theaters as long as people are paying to see it. And also, BRING your unchurched friends and neighbors. This film will entertain them with a purpose.

Michael Joiner as "Mac McDonald"

DIVINE::How do you think The Grace Card Movie will impact people in the City of Memphis (where it was filmed) and cities like Memphis?
MJ::The wonderful people of Memphis have embraced this film like none other. I sincerely think “The Grace Card” will be a big part in healing the racial divide and other problems that have plagued this awesome city for so many years.

DIVINE::Give an example of GRACE that you've experienced in your own life.
MJ::When God reached down and picked me up out of a horrible and sure road to destruction and revealed his Son to me--causing me to embrace the salvation and new direction and purpose He has for me. God has given me back everything and more that the enemy destroyed. In a wife, a family, a career, and most importantly in eternity. God truly has the best interest in mind for every single person on the planet, if they will just reach out to Him.

DIVINE::What advice would you give to an aspiring actor?
MJ::Don’t do it!!!! LOL! Seriously, if I can talk someone out of going to Hollywood to pursue acting, than they were never meant to be an actor anyway. Actors, TRUE actors, are born to act. We MUST act. And our lives are not entirely fulfilled until or unless we act in some capacity.

But one thing I will say is, you must study. You must learn the techniques. “Natural” abilty will only get you so far. There are many things that you cannot have intuition about, they must be learned. I studied in LA for over 5 years, and I am still learning.

DIVINE::What was it like working with Louis Gossett,Jr.?
MJ::I actually had no person to person scene with Mr. Gossett, but I met him and he truly is a professional and a gentleman.

DIVINE::Which co-star did you glean the most from? How so?
MJ::Michael Higgenbottom, my co-star who plays the black policeman in the movie. We were instant friends and we only grew closer on the set. His acting style actually complimented mine and made me better. He’s a great friend. We talk on the phone often several times a week.

DIVINE::What other exciting projects do you have in the works?
MJ::As a stand up Comedian, I am working on a new video with my 13 year old Comedian son, Dustin. I hope to produce a live concert and sell it in stores.

As an actor, I am hoping the exposure and reviews from my performance in “The Grace Card” movie will generate interest from a solid acting agency in LA. I want to work full time as an actor.


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