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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Jackson's: Family, Music and Legacy

Jermaine Jackson jermaine jackson

Jermaine Jackson

Written By DIVINE Staff Blogger: Tiffoni Mitchell

Questions By: Nicole Baskin & Gwen Jones

The Jacksons are an iconic family that represents music royalty. They have provided fans with such hits as,  “I Want You Back,” “ABC,”  “I’ll Be There,” and ”The Love You Save”. Those songs are just a few of the many hits that have garnered fans that reach across the lines of age, race and social classes.  Their music has a place in the fabric of every generation and is just as popular now as it was when they started back in Gary, Indiana.   On June 12, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie and Tito will set out on tour to perform some of their greatest hits. They will open in Detroit, The Motor City, and Home of the Legendary Motown Records at the Motor City Casino. DIVINE Magazine sat down with Jermaine Jackson to talk music, family and special moments with his brother Michael.

DIVINE:  What was the catalyst for the latest tour? 
Jermaine Jackson:  It’s a group effort it’s not one person. Our whole mission is to continue to play the music because when we first started, it was such great music coming out of Motown in Detroit. It was feel good music that never dates itself. It was a combination of that and also wanting to go out there and play because Michael is not here and we are still mourning, playing the music is like healing for us. That was the drive and the motivation and we wanted to get on stage and dance too. The combination of those things, it was a group effort.

DIVINE: Will the audience hear new songs?  
Jermaine Jackson: No, no new music. We’re just going to play Jackson stuff; we are in the studio recording, but if we were to play a new song they (the audience) wouldn’t even know what it was. Even if it was on the radio it wouldn’t get the response as the old stuff because the old stuff is what they know. We like to play new music when it’s already popular on the radio.  We’re in the studio recording new music now.

DIVINE: Your family has inspired generations through music, entertainment and philanthropy.  Who is your inspiration?  
Jermaine Jackson: My inspiration is first God because it all starts with God. And then bands like Sly and the Family Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire. A group called BREAD, and the Carpenters…these are bands from way back. They did music during the 70’s and the 80’s that is every bit of what you hear today.  Whether it’s baseline to the way musicians play or the singing, it all came from a lot of these bands from back in the day. Of course, James Brown, Jackie Wilson were great artists, the whole Motown thing.  The Temptations and The Miracles and just those people who were there before us who really made the path…so we are just walking down the path that was already made for us.

DIVINE: Do you have any projects involving television programs, guest appearances, or movies planned in the near future. 
Jermaine Jackson: I am one of those people who like to keep busy. I am a filmmaker by trade. I went to the American Film Institute. I just try to pick certain things. I did “The Jacksons: An American Dream, The Jackson Family Honors which honored Barry Gordy and Elizabeth Taylor. I am looking at bringing to life the book that I wrote on my family and my brother, “You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through My Brother’s Eyes.”  I’m looking for that to be a feature film and I am meeting with directors in Hollywood now. I’m going to always have a love for film and television projects and things like that because that’s the whole idea of diversifying by moving on to other things…but it all deals with entertainment.

DIVINE:  Someone once said that it is not what they call you it is what you answer to.  Who is Jermaine Jackson?  
Jermaine Jackson: I am a good son, great son, very good brother, great friend, excellent father and someone who always thinks about others, always thinking about others first. I put others first before myself. My strength is my kindness. Most people take it for weakness but my strength is my kindness. And, I am someone who wishes everyone well.  I try every day to be the best human being that I can possibly be.

DIVINE:  What are some of the core values that you have instilled in your children? 
Jermaine Jackson: So many…so many. I’ve taught them that material things have no value and the most important thing is how you look at one’s character, the moral character of a human being is not what they wear or what they have. To teach them that you can be rich and miserable or you can be poor and happy. To teach them these things, they have to know balance. I have taught them to be polite and kind and not to let anyone abuse them. To be respectful and to always say thank you.

DIVINE:  What is the one thing that you miss most about Michael?
Jermaine Jackson: I miss Michael’s smile and I miss hearing his voice. He had a smile that was just so beautiful and I miss us clowning, laughing and talking about old times and memories. That’s what I miss about Michael. It’s not a day that goes by or a moment during the day that he doesn’t come on my mind because he is everywhere.

DIVINE:  Your June 12, 2014 concert at the Detroit Motor City Casino, is just thirteen days before the fifth anniversary of Michael’s death. Are there plans to commemorate Michael’s death?  
Jermaine Jackson: Well, we will just come together and do our best. We never stop doing things every day even just the prayers, the messages and just continuing on. Michael would want us to continue on with the music but keep it at a certain standard and integral level. It’s an ongoing process everyday to keep the legacy on the highest level that it needs to be.

DIVNE:  If you could do one thing differently, or change one thing over the span of your life, what would you change? 
Jermaine Jackson: There were times and memorable moments that I would try to preserve and try to freeze time. When I was younger, I did not realize life was short, I thought it was long. I would bring certain people back who I enjoyed including my brother and just relive those moments longer, to preserve them. Time goes by so fast but when you’re young you think you have your whole life but you really don’t but you learn later that life is short.

DIVINE:  What’s next for you?

Jermaine Jackson: To continue to reach further than my imagination, further than my arm. To continue to do great things and to always put my God first and my family first To do things that are different and to sort of explore different avenues. We love music, music is in our blood, it runs through our veins so we are going to continue to do that. Just bring the family together and to have things that we feel that are going to shock the world like we did when we were The Jackson 5. Just continue to do great things.

   The Jackson’s music will live on forever.  This talented family of music has inspired many and are an example of a living legacy. If you want to stay in the know about all things Jackson be sure to check out their website and The Jacksons on Facebook.  To see them live in concert go to their website for more information.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Touched by A.N.G.E.L.'S

Founder, Daisy M. Harvey
Daisy Murphy Harvey, Founder & Director of A.N.G.E.L.'S Incorporated
By DIVINE Staff Blogger: Tiffoni Mitchell

Being her brother and sisters keeper is not just a cliche to Daisy Harvey, it is a lifestyle.  As Founder & Director of A.N.G.E.L.'S Inc., with God's instruction she is touching the lives of the next generation. DIVINE sat down with Daisy to learn more about  how the participates lives are being "Touched By A.N.G.E.L.'S."

DIVINE::  How was A.N.G.E.L.’s conceived? 

Daisy:    I was in attendance at a volunteer awards luncheon at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.  During the meal the committee called a volunteer's name and I looked and he was very old, shaking really badly, someone led him to receive his award and he was shaking too badly to hold it.  They thanked him for his continued service and stated that not only had he volunteered for years but if someone would pick him up now he still would. By that time I heard a voice say, "If I be Lord of your life will you obey me? I want to you to go back home and start a class to help the single parents, I need to get back in the home."

DIVINE::  How did you come up with the name A.N.G.E.L.'S?

After hearing the Lord speak of course I was in tears, I looked over at the lady sitting next to me and she as wearing an Angel pin and the Lord said that was the name.  So,  I came home crying and began my journey to birth A.N.G.E.L.'S.  I was working then, I would sit up to three and four o'clock in the morning doing research online and then get up at six o'clock to go to work.  A.N.G.E.L.'S stands for:
              A- always  N-near   G-God's  E-everlasting  L-love

DIVINE:  What is the goal of A.N.G.E.L.’S? 

Daisy:   To prepare parents for their responsibilities by aiding in ways to vent anger to prevent abuse.  And to create a safe environment for our children to become positive achievers and decrease the problem of at risk adolescents.  This program is a preventative measure for at risk juveniles whose likelihood of interaction is severe.

DIVINE::  How has the community embraced A.N.G.E.L.'S?

Daisy:  Certainly not like we expected, especially with our success rate.

DIVINE:  What is the greatest need in the community that A.N.G.E.L.’s addresses?

Daisy::  Parenting and juvenile delinquency.

DIVINE::  Give the DIVINE readers a testimony of how A.N.G.E.L.’s is a positive influence? 
Daisy::  There has been numerous testimonies, but one in specific is of a youth that was identified with rebellion and anger issues, problems in school, on the bus and conflicts with her parents. The juvenile judge sent her through our Anger Management Class in which she benefited tremendously.  Since then she has graduated high school,  went to college and is working on her Master's. I recently received this news  from her church mother who has been keeping up with her progress. This is just one of many positive influences of the A.N.G.E.L'S program.

DIVINE::  What are some of the challenges of leading an organization such as this?

Daisy::  Financial difficulties, keeping the organization in the public eye, keeping good volunteers and maintaining a positive attitude during the everyday struggles. 

DIVINE::  What is your inspiration?

Daisy::  My compassion for people, love for God and being passionate about doing his will.

DIVINE::  God is actually using A.N.G.E.L.’s as a tool for ministry.  What are your thoughts about that?

Daisy::  I'm humbled and thankful that God trusted me to take on such a challenge as A.N.G.E.L.'S. I thank God for saving my soul and putting his love in my heart.  I know A.N.G.E.L.'S is the will of God!

DIVINE::  How has A.N.G.E.L.'S has changed your life? 

Daisy::   WOW!  I never thought I could surrender my life totally to help my fellowman. Just being on the giving side. It's such a joy to see the juveniles faces when I see them in the streets, they immediately come and greet me. WOW, that's a great feeling knowing  you made a difference in their lives. Awesome!!! You have not lived until you learn how to give!!! For over ten years God has kept A.N.G.E.L.'S alive. I've  experienced many miracles that have been life changing.

DIVINE:: There are many people who see the ills of their community but may not know how or what they can do to be an “Agent of change,” what is your advice to them?

Daisy::  Please get involved, decide to support a worth while cause, you may not be able to solidify your ideas  but certainly share them with someone. Volunteer and support financially, every organization has needs; printers, copiers, printing paper, ink pens etc., remember whatever you give will be appreciated!

Just like Daisy Murphy Harvey we all can be an "ANGEL" to those in the community who have a need. The local mayor and pastors, mayors from neighboring counties and even the local state representative gives A.N.G.E.L.'s free airtime on the local radio station all in an effort to help a worthy cause. If you would like to volunteer, partner with or give monetary or donations of any kind please do so. Connect with Daisy Murphy Harvey:  731-609-0755 or 731-658-5527 Email: 
and check out the A.N.G.E.L.'s website:

"I recognize the need for parental support, after becoming a single parent of six sons when my baby was only four years old. I needed enlightenment and encouragement. I wished for an organization such as ANGEL’S to experience safe confidential sharing and knowledge. So, I know first hand the challenges that single parents face.  I felt a need to reach out in a supportive manner."

                                                                          Daisy Murphy Harvey

Touched by A.N.G.E.L.S

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Standing on a strong foundation

"Still Dating My Spouse"
Marriage Enthusiasts
Pamela & Stephon King
By Staff Blogger Tiffoni Mitchell
They are back...... Pamela and Stephon King sat down with DIVINE to share more wisdom and knowledge about how to keep your marriage growing and strong as you proclaim, I am "Still Dating My Spouse."

DIVINE::  What does a couple need to do to begin the process of dealing with the issues in their relationship?

SDMS::  Acknowledge that there are issues in their relationship. This can only occur if they both are being truthful and transparent.

DIVINE:   For those who are experiencing a "solid" marriage so to speak, what can they do to keep and maintain a strong relationship?

SDMS::  Continue to communicate/talk, continue to share and be open and honest with each other.  And continue the dating process, whatever that looks like in their marriage.

DIVINE:: What are the most common concerns that couples have?

SDMS::  Trust and financial issues are on the top of most couples concern list.

DIVINE::   How can SDMS help couples that have tried everything but still have found themselves, "at the end of the rope,"? 

SDMS::  We suggest that couples STOP and really think about what the true issues are. Write them down.  Write down what caused the issues.  Write down the solutions to the problems, but remember the solutions are what YOU can do to eliminate that issue. Sometimes we think we are “at the end of our rope” but we are just at the end of trying to do better. So, recognize the situation for what it is. Don’t just give up over a small hiccup that can be resolved by communicating and giving of yourself 100%.

Let's switch gears a little.

DIVINE::  How big of an impact do you desire to make with SDMS?

SDMS::  Locally, regionally, worldwide. Our biggest impact we are striving for is getting couples to implement regular date nights and this will help them build on their marital foundation. We plan to impact marriages by offering resources, events, and tools for couples. We are God driven and we are going in the direction He directs us to impact the greatest number of marriages.

DIVINE::  The Internet is an awesome communication tool, how has it helped you with SDMS and reaching couples?

SDMS::  We are saturating the Internet with our message. We are meeting the couples where they are and that is via social media. We have meet hundreds ,thousands of couples this way. We are able to counsel, pray, and talk with couples due to our presence on the Internet.

DIVINE::   What upcoming events can our readers look forward to from SDMS?

SDMS::  The Love Summit, August 23-25, 2013. This is a marriage retreat like no other. We have some dynamic speakers and workshops planned. This is not a sit in your seat and be preached to retreat, this retreat will be interactive and the workshops are couple driven (topics were decided by married couples). Text LOVESUMMIT to 33733 to get updates about the Love Summit and when tickets go on sale.

DIVINE:: In what way can you challenge couples to implement changes to better their marriage?

SDMS::  We challenge couples to think about your spouses reaction first to the decisions you make before you make them. Another challenge is: regardless of what is going on during the day, call your spouse once and just say I love you. Don’t have an expectation that your spouse must say it back to you. Just make that connection once a day. If you need to put a reminder in your phone/calendar, go ahead but give it a try for a week and watch how easily the lines of communication begin to open up.

DIVINE::   How can SDMS help singles?

SDMS::   Our advice to singles is get to know yourself before you try to get to know a potential mate.  Love self.  Know what makes you tick. Then you will be able to love someone else the way they need to be loved without compromising your self love.

Once again Pamela and Stephon King have shared from their arsenal about how to make a marriage loving, healthy and strong. Even our single readers received helpful information that will help as they embark on the road to "Wedded Bliss."

Stay connected to  Pamela & Stephon King

Thursday, February 14, 2013


It is finally here, the day set aside for couples to express their LOVE for one another. Yes, an expression of love can be given on any day and is not only reserved for Valentine's Day. But, today is the day when the long stemmed roses are bought, heart shaped boxes of candy are flying off store shelves and restaurants are preparing for the candle light dinners for couples who have, "reserved a table to two."  DIVINE sat down to talk to a couple whose mission is to help other married couples "Get Their Groove Back," or for those who are are already "Grooving" give suggestions to help them maintain a strong and healthy relationship as they proclaim, 
Yes, "I am Still Dating My Spouse."

"Still Dating My Spouse"

Marriage Enthusiasts

Pamela & Stephon King

By Staff Blogger Tiffoni Mitchell

DIVINE::  How was the concept of Still Dating My Spouse conceived?
Pamela King:  Still Dating My Spouse was a Ning group and once it was dissolved we decided that the idea and concept is much needed and must continue it on.

DIVINE::   When you first started what was the initial response?
Pamela King:  The response was GREAT! Everyone loved the name and the concept. The idea of dating your spouse sparks so much interest and helps everyone think about the dates before marriage. Just the memories of how much fun they had dating makes the couples long for it again & decide to start back dating.

DIVINE::   What is the main goal and purpose of SDMS?

Pamela King::  The main goal of SDMS is to strengthen marriages by implementing regular date nights. “To date your spouse is to know your spouse.”  

DIVINE::   How are couples responding to SDMS?
datingmyspouse I like this page! Awesome to see such support for married couples. - Dr. Buckhalter
@datingmyspouse We got married on 10/13/12! Thank you much for putting your encouraging words and advice into the atmosphere! Love you both!
therealmalone  Hey LS I like how u guys stay encouraged #strongprayingcouple
wardy247 What an amazing yet simple point...thanks for all of your inspiring posts
Parties by Christee: Love your post and your text!! Keep up the great work Mrs. King! :)
KG Style Designs: This page is so beautiful and inspiring! 

DIVINE:   What are some of the most common concerns in a relationship, particularly marriage does SDMS address?

Pamela King::  Effective Communication is that beast that keeps taunting couples and causing much hardship. We help couples develop the proper communication strategies for their relationship. By helping them to understand that they must meet each other where they are now, in regards to communicating, and build up to what works best for their relationship, couples are more apt to do it and keep it going.

DIVINE::   How can couples join in with SDMS?

Pamela King::  We invite couples to join us on this journey of strengthening marriages by implementing a date night weekly, monthly, or quarterly. They can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We love meeting new couples & helping them get to the point where date nights are natural and not forced. We also send out weekly (once a week) marriage tips via text. To sign up: Text SDMS to 33733 to subscribe.

DIVINE::   Today is Valentine's Day, what advice can you give to help couples make this a memorable one?
Pamela King::  Do what is natural for you guys. Do something that will bring you closer together & that you will enjoy doing. Don’t fall into the trap of what the WORLD tells you your Valentine Day should be like, instead do what you know is best for your relationship.  One good suggestion: throughout the day send your spouse “loving” texts about your marriage and why they are your Valentine. Include things that only the two of you know about. Make them fun, sexy and true!

DIVINE::  In closing, share with our readers what is on your heart as it relates to marriage and relationships. 
Pamela King::  The devil is busy and he is out to destroy every marriage don’t fall for his tricks. Marriage is hard but the reward is priceless.  Your marriage is your marriage so act accordingly and watch how God will work within your marriage.

Stay tuned because there is more to come from the "Still Dating My Spouse" Marraige Enthusiats in the future here on the DIVINE magazine blog. There is much more to learn  about marriage and how to spark and and keep the twinkle in your spouses eye for YOU and only YOU!

Stay connected to "Still Dating My Spouse"


Thursday, January 10, 2013

7 Questions For..........

Romalic M. Jones, CEO Just Say Y.E.S., Inc

By DIVINE Staff Blogger, Tiffoni Mitchell

Just Say Y.E.S.., Inc provides services to the community through Health Fairs, Stop the violence Crime Marches and Performing Arts productions that allow young people express their talent.  This organizations goal is to bring more attention to the positive things that we as individual people can collectively do to help others. DIVINE and the organizations CEO Romalic M. Jones sat down to discuss Just Say Y.E.S., Inc. and its purpose.

DIVINE::     How was the idea for Just Say Y.E.S., Inc. conceived? 
Romalic Jones::  The idea was conceived in 1995 after much emphasis was placed on West-Memphis Arkansas where three young people were murdered that year.  From that incident, I organized a rally at the Civic Auditorium in West Memphis that gathered over 400 youth, to instill into them a positive view on life. Just Say Y.E.S (Youth Empowerment Supporters).
  Who is Just Say Y.E.S. intended to help?
Romalic Jones:: It was designed mainly to serve the community with emphasis on issues plaguing our youth.
DIVINE::     How has the organization touched your life personally? 
Romalic Jones:: It has given me more understanding of my purpose in life, which is serving others in a needed capacity.
DIVINE::   What impact has Just Sat Y.E.S., Inc had in the community?  
Romalic Jones::  It has brought hope in desolate areas of our community by hosting “Time to Stop Crime Marches.”  It has also taught and aided young people in developing leadership skills through theatre and performing arts.  Just Say Y.E.S has also reached out to seniors by providing meals to those less fortunate. Our latest projects have taken us into the health care field such as health fairs and advocates for kidney disease awareness.
DIVINE::     What local or national leaders and or organizations is Just Say Y.E.S., Inc partnered with to effect the change that is needed in the lives of the youth and young adults being helped.
Romalic Jones:   Memphis Tourism Foundation,  Memphis City Schools, Project Why, Local church youth groups, Local CDC chapters in Southeast Memphis.
DIVINE::     Tell our readers about “An Evening of Hope” and how this event connects with you personally? 
Romalic Jones:: This evening was designed to enlighten those in attendance about possible chances of not having to continue a journey on dialysis by making them aware of others that have over come.  I am one that ended a 10 year journey August 23, 2011 of dialysis through a kind act of a good friend Ms. Christina Hobson a 27 year old young lady at that time.  I want them to leave knowing that there is definitely, “Hope Without Denial!” Look at me.
DIVINE::     Is there a certain population that is being effected more than others with kidney disease but receiving the least help due to limited knowledge of the disease or financial reasons? 
Romalic Jones::  According to research done by research doctors those minorities that don’t have private insurance have not been encouraged through provided information to get on the transplant list. Here is a link to the article.    

Just Say Y.E.S., Inc is a 501 (c)(3)  entity and operates on revenue from fundraisers, donations, grants, sponsorships and volunteers.  If you are interested in partnering with
 Just Say Y.E.S., Inc 
contact their office at
3182 Old Getwell  Road 
Memphis, TN  38118 
901-878 JUST (5878)
901-794-0247 (fax)
and follow them on Facebook @ Just Say Y.E.S.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2011::The Year of DIVINE Revelation...2012::The Year Of DIVINE Glory...2013::The Year Of DIVINE Faith

2013 The Year Of DIVINE Faith
"Faith is your divine anchor and it's the surprise to reason, peacefulness and sure success. Clearly stated it is sacred success."
~Author Unknown

2012 was truly the Year of DIVINE Glory. DIVINE Magazine was honored by the University of Memphis as being an outstanding publication. Such an award was in perfect timing as we celebrated 5 years in publication as a print and digital magazine. We've been blessed to launch in several cities even in the midst of an economic downfall and we were able to defy all odds that PRINT magazines were becoming obsolete.  I'm truly grateful for my Editorial team including Angela Wilson and Kadi Henderson as well as my awesome Director of Photography Courtney Long , my Creative Director Terrell Gatewood, my Advisory Board members who work behind the scenes, my Staff Blogger Tiffoni Y. Mitchell, my freelance photographers, ad designers and writers & the members of my Street Team who help to distribute & spread the word about DIVINE. In 2013, we're expecting to do even more and I believe that God will continue to use DIVINE Magazine to impact people across the nation!!!

As we prepare for 2013 let's take a moment to recap on DIVINE Magazine's 2012 Highlights :

Celebrated 5 Years
It's truly an accomplishment to reach 5 years as a publication and it was a privilege to celebrate such an amazing milestone this year. We are looking forward to another 5 years and we hope you are along for the journey with us! Thank you to everyone for your continued support because we couldn't have reached this milestone without our advertisers, sponsors and readers!

Business Issue
We were privileged to encourage Business Owners everywhere with our official Business Issue. We featured  the incomparable Pam Perry and she shared some awesome tips on how businesses and ministries can market their brand by using Social Media. Ken Brown provided some very insightful tips on how to exit a business in case the seasons in your life change and you need to go in a different direction. Meagan & Darius Peace also shared their story of starting their own Cosmetics company from the ground up! To access the FREE Digital Copy Of Our Business Issue, click here!

35 People Who Inspire Feature: My awesome staff & I worked hard to interview and feature 35 amazing men & women who are inspiring & impacting their communities & our world. It was a great feature & readers loved the idea. To find out who was featured and to view the entire Fall/Winter Issue email To view the extended feature click here.

4th Annual Bowl-A-Thon & Silent Auction 
I had the privilege to travel on a mission trip to Africa in 2009 and was so moved by the experience that she wanted to give others the opportunity to go global. The 4th Annual Bowl-A-Thon & Silent Auction was a HUGE success & we are looking forward to another great Bowl-A-Thon In 2013. To view the journal of my 10 day journey in Africa click here to view. A Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors, Cordova Bowling Center, our teams, and everyone who made generous donations.

CYBERWORLD CONNECTIONSOver the year's, we've created a number of Cyberworld Connections in order to increase our Internet presence. We're on MyspaceFacebookTwitterYouTube and now Pinterest. In addition to THIS BLOG, we also distribute an electronic newsletter to hundreds of readers entitled Bringing You Everything Inspirational to provide information about the positive events that are taking place around the city and beyond. The e-newsletter is also a great opportunity for business owners to spread the word about their services and connect with potential customers. (To receive DIVINE Magazine's weekly e-newsletter email us). We also increased our readership through DIVINE Digital, our digital version of the print publication. We went from reaching 5,000+ people to over 20,000+ people by making the magazine available in both a print and digital format. In 2010, our plan was to double our readership numbers and we actually surpassed our goal. Praise God! A Special Thanks to my interns Kirstin Cheers, Khaliah Cooper & Natalie Poe for serving their hard work and dedication on our Social Media Sites and helping to make sure that our Online Presence was on point!

CYBERSTATS: Our Facebook Fan Page grew in leaps & bounds. In a matter of months, we increased from 1400 to over 2500 Fans. Our MySpace page includes over 1400 Friends and our Twitter page has over 1400 followers. Overall, we have over 5,300 Online Supporters A Huge Jump From Last Year's Numbers of 3,500!!!

PARTNERSHIPS: We partnered with so many awesome organizations this year including Delisha Easley Ministries, Ruby Naturals, B & R Realty, Seacret Direct, Seleria Perryman Ministries, Diva Couture Accents, P3 Retirement & Tax, Crye-Leike Realtors, Paradigm Dental Center, Gutsy Grace, Dr Mac Carpet Cleaning, Glory Shine Adornment, Invest Fitness, LLC, JP Connections, Ginny Edwards International, Perfection Floors, Bona Fide Event Management, By God Inspired, Darlene's Art School, MTLY Communications, The Glamour Girl Movement, Ladies Of Armor, Trinity Entertainment Group, L2 Design & Printing Co., Daybreak Outsourcing, WingStop Cordova, Memorable Moments Photography and a number of churches & ministries!

ADVERTISERS & SPONSORS DIVINE could not be where it is without the support of its Advertisers & Sponsors! A HUGE THANK YOU To Our New Partner By God Inspired & BGI Radio . A HUGE THANK YOU Also Goes To Kingdom Quality Communications for Sponsoring the Anniversary Issue of DIVINE Magazine!!! To everyone who has shown undying support for DIVINE Magazine , you know who you are and we appreciate all that you do & by sowing into DIVINE you are sowing right back into your life/business/ministry. May you, your family and your business/ministry experience extreme overflow and favor always.

READERS & SUPPORTERS Without your support our purpose of inspiring men & women to greatness would be null & void. Thank you for sharing this journey with us for almost 6 years and for growing with us. We aim to produce a high quality publication that exhibits excellence in every sense of the word. We also strive to create as many ways as possible to keep you connected and motivated in life to do what you're purposed to do! Know that you are awesome & your support is greatly appreciated.
In closing, 2012 presented challenges and obstacles, but nothing that God didn't allow or plan. I believe that God had to shake a few things up & now all things are in order. In 2013, I believe that if we continue to line up with God's will, then and only then will He give us DIVINE Revelation about how to navigate on this journey called LIFE. I pray that DIVINE Magazine has been a blessing to you in 2012 and that you will continue to support us in 2013 as we move forward on our journey to inspire nations!

Remember Be Encouraged, Be Grateful, Be Inspired!
DIVINE Magazine Publisher,
Megan Mottley